Service Opportunities & Calendar

  • Monthly Meeting of DHOMA Area Service Committee
  • First Sunday of every month at 1pm
  • 15060 Business Highway 13 #8  on back side of building (Old Homestead Club)
  • Branson West MO 65737

Participation Request Participation Request to Area Groups-2016

CLICK HERE for an easy-to-print flier to share with all NA members.

Many of us come into NA believing that we couldn’t possibly have anything to offer.  But the truth is that once we’re clean and start our recovery we can begin to give back to NA with our time and talents right away.

Most of us begin by choosing a home group and showing up early and staying late to help the chairperson set up and clean up.  Eventually we are prepared to fully participate in other responsibilities that every NA home group has.

The best part of service in NA is that there are commitments that fit each one of us, and those commitments change throughout our recovery.  No matter how much or how little time we have to commit to service in NA, the gifts of unity, humility and goodwill are always the result of giving of ourselves selflessly.

The Down Home Ozark Mountain Area “DHOMA” is made up of several NA groups that come together to provide NA services that a single group could not provide by itself.  Following is a brief description of the services of DHOMA:

  • Activities:  Creates and manages events that bring addicts together to celebrate recovery
  • Hospitals & Institutions:  Takes NA meetings to addicts who cannot attend outside meetings due to being in jail, prison, treatment, etc…
  • Public Relations:  Informs the public about NA and how to find us in their local community.  Keeps DHOMA meeting schedule, website and phoneline up to date.
  • Outreach:  Contacts and communicates with any NA group that is, for any reason, isolated from DHOMA.
  • Literature:  Provides opportunities for input and review of NA literature that is being written or revised.